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Clonmel Show & Agricultural Society Bursary Scheme
Details of Busrary 2023 Applications are now closed 

Closing Date; Applications are now Closed

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* Priority will be given to post graduate projects in the case of academic applications

The Bursary will be known as the Clonmel Show and Agricultural Society Bursary.  The Clonmel Show and Agricultural Society Bursary aims to promote development and research across a range of agricultural, horticultural and equine disciplines which mirror the interests of the Clonmel Show and our exhibitors.

Innovative proposals for feasibility studies; study trips; and structured academic, practical or market-based research relating to farm enterprise, agri-tourism or home industries will be especially welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms and Conditions

  • The following are the terms and conditions of Clonmel Show and Agricultural Society bursary scheme.  It is not an exhaustive list but the items contained are essential for any applicant to keep in mind.  Further information may be found at the frequently asked questions section on the right hand side of your screen.
  • Clonmel Show and Agricultural Society invites applicants to apply to be considered for one of their Bursary Awards, which are awarded  annually.
  • The total bursary fund will be a maximum of 15,000 euro in any one year.
  • Previous winners will not be eligible to apply for a second Bursary.
  • The judges decision is final in all cases.
  • The number of bursaries awarded will be at the discretion of the Bursary adjudicators, subject to the approval of the Show Committee.
  • Applications for consideration will be forwarded to and considered by a  Bursary Adjudicators, comprising a panel of judges which is completely independent of  the Clonmel Show committee. The Bursary Adjudicators will assess applications under the following criteria:
  • Quality of the applicant
  • Quality of the proposed project
  • Demonstrated link of the proposed project with Clonmel Horse Show and Agricultural Society activities: Bursaries will only be awarded to projects that are deemed relevant to the ethos and interests of the Clonmel Horse Show and Agricultural Society and broadly speaking will be in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, silviculture and equine studies, farm enterprises, agri-tourism or home industries
  • The bursary may be used to fund studies/research at home or abroad, or to fund / part fund a feasibility study or start~up farm enterprise
  • The Bursary Adjudicators shall decide on the number of bursary awards to be granted annually, and may decide not to make any awards if they consider the projects submitted to be of insufficient merit.
  • Candidates SHALL be required to make a presentation, in person, on their project to the Bursary adjudicators.
  • Candidates MUST INCLUDE, as part of their completed application form A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THE FUNDING THAT THEY ARE SEEKING under various headings eg tuition fees, travel expenses, accommodation costs, professional advice with feasibility studies, enterprise startup costs etc
  • Applicants must submit an ELECTRONIC copy of all relevant material as outlined.
  • Consideration will only be given to applicants from within the defined catchment area around, which can be examined  on the map here.
  • Applicants must have reached their eighteenth birthday at the time of application
  • Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Clonmel Horse Show and Agricultural Society shall review the bursary scheme annually, and may vary these terms of reference as they deem relevant.
  • Successful candidates  may be required to present a resume of studies/research/tour to the show committee.
  • The Bursary committee may recommend that 50% of the bursary will be paid on award and with the remaining 50% on completion of project.
  • Deadline for submission is: midnight on  now Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will projects relating to non-agricultural studies be considered for a bursary?
A.  No.  bursaries will only be awarded to projects that are deemed relevant to the ethos and interests of the Clonmel Show and broadly speaking will be in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and equine studies.

Q.  I live outside the highlighted area on the map.  Is there any way for me to qualify?
A.  Regretfully, the answer is no.  The catchment area has been defined by Clonmel Show and no applications will be accepted from outside this area.

Q.  Can I apply for bursaries for more than one project?
A.  Only one project per applicant will be considered in any one year.

Q.  Will the Clonmel Show Committee be reviewing my application?
A.  No.  The panel of adjudicators are independent of the Clonmel Show.  No member of the Clonmel Show committee shall have any input into the judging of the applications.

Q.  Can I send application by post or in hard copy?
A.  No.  Applications will only be accepted in electronic format to the following address and on the Clonmel Show & Agricultural Society Bursary application form.

Q.  I am currently out of the country and may not be ready for the application deadline.  Will late entries be accepted.
A.  The deadline is a firm one.  Applications will not be accepted after the designated time.