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Handcrafts, Home Baking & Preserves

This year once again there is a wide and varied schedule for Handcrafts, Home Baking & Preserves.

There are 29 adult categories with something to cater for everyones talents. We are also delighted to have two qualifiers ‘The Odlums All Ireland Home Baking Championship’ and ‘The All Ireland Baking Championship’.

With entries increasing each year, there is always a wonderful display of exhibits.

It is great to see interest continuing to grow in this area of Clonmel Show.

For the young talented competitors there are several classes to show their skills in baking & hand craft. There are also 2 junior Lego classes which prove to be very popular each year.

Please see schedule for details of classes & qualifiers and how to enter.

We welcome existing and new competitors this year.